In December 2020 we start the reorganized of our apps library on the Google Play app store.

Because we have 3 similar apps with the title “Weather Now” and with the same function, we must remove 2 apps from the store, because Google Play rules are prohibited to distribute apps with the same function.

We will remove from the store these 2 apps and stop providing the weather data:

  • WEATHER NOW - forecast radar & widgets ad-free

  • WEATHER NOW PREMIUM forecast, rain radar & widgets

Sure, we continue to support the Weather Now app and all customers who paid for the deleted app will continue support and can use the Weather Now app without limits

The main problem, Google doesn’t support transfer purchases from one app to another and we must make it manually.

If you are already our customer and ready to provide the proof of purchase, we can provide the promo code for Weather Now with Premium features.

1) Find your Weather Now purchase in the purchases history, all purchases are assigned with your Google account. How to do it, read here:

2) Attach the purchase information where we can see your purchase item and sent your message to our email:

If you purchased the additional weather provider feature, please send the purchase information too.

3) After, we send to you the promo codes for "Weather Now" Premium, and can use this app without limits or the ads and get free updates in the future.


If you were downloaded the app for free and at purchase information you see a price of 0.00 USD for the app, we can't provide the promo code for you. 

Please download the latest version here:

You can use the Weather Now how free app with ads.

Sorry for this situation with purchase transfer, but we must follow the Google rules.