From July 2019 the application 3D Earth is stopped work. The payments for weather data is more than the owner of 3D Earth can pay, the app doesn't generate enough revenue for payment for weather servers and has shut down.

We ready to transfer the 3D Earth customers to our Weather Now application for free and continue support.

If you are as already the 3D Earth customer and ready to provide the proof of purchase, we can provide the promo code for Weather Now Premium.

Follow these steps:

1) Find your 3D Earth purchase in the purchases history ( all purchased is assigned with your Apple ID ) How to do it, read here:

Or find the email from Apple Appstore with 3D Earth purchase confirmation.

2) Attach the purchase information and sent your message to our email:

3) After, you get the promo code for "Weather Now" Premium and can use this app without limits or the ads and get free updates in the future.

If you were downloaded the 3D Earth app for free and at purchase information you see price 0.00 USD for the app, we can't provide the promo code for you. 

You can use the Weather Now how free app with ads.