The radar and weather map images provided by the third-party companies. All images located on the third-party companies servers.

Weather Now app get the images directly from third-party companies servers.

If you are doesn't see the radar and weather map images in the app, maybe you have these problems:

1) Slow internet connection between your device and the radar and weather map servers.

2) Your internet provider has added to the blacklist and block access to the radar and weather map servers. 

(It's often happening at countries: Russia, China, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, etc )

3) The radar and weather map servers are maintenance by the owners, temporary shut down, overloaded or DDOS attacked.

We can't help with these issues if the problem from the third-party side server, not with our app.

We can't guaranty work radar and weather maps if third-party company's server doesn't respond or work slow.

With 1 and 2 issues, you can try to use other internet connection or enable the VPN service at your device.

Sometimes if you see nothing on the maps screen, please wait more time before maps are downloaded.